The Truth About Zero Percent Financing

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Ballwin MOFinding the perfect financing for your next vehicle purchase isn’t as always as easy as you’d like it to be. It is a fact that more than 90percent of car buyers, whether they’re new or used car buyers, are dependent on some sort of financing to close the deal. As a result, it makes for quite a competitive market out there. When it comes to good financing most would agree it means a combination of a low monthly payment, as well as a low interest rate. And since the recession it can be particularly difficult to find a loan with such attributes.

One of the most common financing incentives is the Zero Percent financing deal. It is often advertised by both dealerships as well as banking establishments. However, as good as zero percent financing may sound, it may not always be the best financing deal to take. Typically with a zero percent financing loan, the loan must be a shorter term loan. This means the monthly payments could be quite high. This may cause you to exceed your monthly payment budgeting goals. In addition, this type of loan typically requires nearly perfect credit in order to qualify. In addition, if this offer is being presented by a dealership it typically is only valid for specific models. If you happen to qualify for such financing on the vehicle you choose you may have less negotiating room as far as the actual sticker price of the vehicle. This is why some recommend negotiating the sticker price before even talking about financing. If you don’t have the credit to qualify for such financing you can still get a great deal on financing when you choose to purchase or lease a vehicle through the Ackerman new and used Toyota cars dealer St Louis MO.


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